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WooCommerce Integration

The Project Panorama WooCommerce integration allows customers to purchase a project through WooCommerce. Upon purchase, WooCommerce will clone a project from a specified template and assign the customer to the new project. At that point, the customer can login and review or manage the project themselves.

To setup the WooCommerce Integration follow these simple steps:


  1. Download the psp-woocommerce.zip file from the Panorama add-on’s page.
  2. Login to your WordPress website
  3. Click to Plugins > Add New and click “Upload a plugin”
  4. Select the psp-woocommerce.zip file you previously downloaded
  5. Click “activate” after the plugin is successfully uploaded

Step 1. Creating a Project Template

The first step in creating a purchasable project is setting up a project template for users to purchase. This is simply creating a project in Panorama like you normally would but leaving it as a draft.

You’ll likely want to restrict access to specific users and hide it from search engines in the Access tab of the Panorama project.

The final step is to click the “WooCommerce” template checkbox under the publish box — this will make the project available to WooCommerce for purchase.


Step 2. Creating the Product

After you have a template setup you can create a product for people to purchase. To start, create a product much like you would any other WooCommerce product by going to Products > Add New.

Add a title and description that will inform users what project they’ll be purchasing.

Then, select “Panorama Project” as your product type from the product type dropdown.

You can fill out any relevant details like price, sale price, etc…

Upon purchase, a user account will be generated. You can select what user-level you’d like the purchaser to have giving them more or less ability to manage the project. See this article to get a detailed breakdown of what permissions different users have.

Step 3. Accessing the Project

After purchase, the user will get links to the project in their receipt and through the e-mails delivered to them. They’re username and password will be e-mailed to them as well through the WordPress login system. They can then log in and access the project they’ve just purchased.

E-mail confirmation


Purchase confirmation


Updated on May 3, 2018

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