The bottom line of most projects are tasks that need to be completed. Typically a project is broken into phases, each which have their own set of tasks.

In Panorama, if you have automatic calculation enabled as a task is completed it will adjust how complete the phase is which will adjust how complete the project is. Unlike other project management solutions, we’ve intentionally created a tool that allows for partial task completion. Many tasks are too large to either be “not started” or “completely finished.” Tasks that take hours or even days appear to be untouched until their are complete, which paints an unrealistic picture of project progress.Tasks have the following elements:

  • Name
  • Assignment
  • Status
  • Due date

To assign a task to a user, you must have access restriction enabled on for the project, have the user assigned to the project and have saved the project prior to task assignment.

Status indicates how close the task is to completion. If you have phases in which tasks don’t need to indicate partial completion you can download and install our free checklist add-on. The add-on will turn the tasks of desired phases into check lists on the forward facing portion of the website.

Due date indicates when the task should be completed by. If the indicated date passes and the task is incomplete it will be displayed in red on the project page. If you have configured notifications to alert users when the tasks is almost or past due, the notifications will automatically be sent.

Updated on May 12, 2022

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