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Sprout Invoice Add-on

The Sprout Invoices add-on will allow you to create estimates, invoices and accept payments all through your Panorama projects!

To get started

  1. Install Sprout Invoices
  2. Install the Project Panorama Sprout Invoices add-on plugin

Creating a Project

Both Panorama and Sprout are organized around the concept of “projects.” The Sprout Invoices add-on allows you to associate a Sprout Invoices project with a Project Panorama project.

We recommend you first create the Panorama project you’d like to create an invoice or estimate for. Once complete, go to Invoices > Projects and create a new Sprout Project.

From here you’ll be able to select the Panorama project you’d like to associate.

Once you have the project created, you can go to Add Invoices within Sprout to create a new invoice or estimate.

Simply select the new Sprout Project you’ve created and the invoice will automatically appear in your clients dashboard and within the Panorama project itself.

Updated on August 5, 2019

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