Project Access

You can control who can access a project by editing the project itself and navigating to the “Access” tab at the top. You have the following options:

  • Hide projects from search engines (enabled by default)
  • Restrict access to specific users – if disabled, anyone with the project web address can see the project progress
  • Allowed teams
  • Allowed users

Teams are simply groups of users, you can read more about them here.

Allowed users are the official users who are part of this project. What capabilities they have will depend on the user role you’ve assigned them at the time of account creation. Any user entered here will see the project on their Panorama dashboard, be available to have a notification sent to them and have tasks assigned to them.

Users who have administration or project manager user roles will still be able to see the project even if they are not assigned. They will not however, appear in the list of users for task assignment or notifications.

Updated on April 8, 2017

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