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New User Projects

New user projects allows you to automatically create and assign a new user to a project upon registration. The plugin lets you specify what user role should be automatically assigned a project and what project should be used as a template.

After installing the plugin take the following steps to get started:

Create Your First Project Template

Create a new project that has all the details and information you’d like to be assigned to the new user. All the tasks, phases, settings, documents, etc…

You can save it as a “draft” so it doesn’t show up in any live feed.

Once you’re complete, check the “New User Template” option near the save button.

Assigning Templates to User Roles

New User Projects allows you to indicate what user types should have a project created and assigned to them. For example you might want all new “customers” to get a “Learning Your Product” project automatically.

By going to Projects > Settings > Add-ons > New User Projects you can indicate what project should be generated and assigned to what user type.

Once you have select a project to clone any new user will be assigned to this project upon registration. It would be a good idea to setup a project assigned notification so the user is aware of the project and knows how to access it.

Updated on March 22, 2018

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