With Panorama you have the ability to create project milestones in 5% increments. Milestones are a method of indicating events which occur once the project reaches a certain completion point. The most common examples would include billing and meetings. For example, you might bill a client an additional amount once the project is 50% complete. Alternatively, you might meet to review a project at 25% intervals.

Milestones are not tied to task or phase completion. This is because not all projects happen sequentially. In many cases, tasks from phases I, II and III could be done in tandem, thus you can’t align a milestone with a particular phase is complete.

If you’d like the milestones to align with phases because your projects do occur sequentially — just ensure the milestone completion point matches the same percentage as the related phase. For example, if the first phase is 25% of the project then you’d create a related milestone at 25%.

You can assign due dates to milestones as well. If the due date passes and the project completion hasn’t met or exceeded the milestone point, the due date will appear in red. Once completion¬†is reached, the milestone will illuminate in blue and the due date will gray out indicating it was successfully met.

Updated on April 8, 2017

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