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LearnDash Integration

The Project Panorama LearnDash Integration allows you to associate a course with a project task, and then assign that task/course to any number of users on the project. Upon assignment, the users will automatically be enrolled in the course and task progress will automatically be calculated as an average of course completion across all assigned users.

For example, if one user is assigned to a course task and they’re 50% complete with the course – the task completion will also be 50%.

If two users are assigned to a course task, and one is 50% complete and the other 0%, the task completion would be 25%.


  • Navigate to Plugins > Add New in the WordPress admin
  • Click on the “Upload Plugin” button in the top right hand corner
  • Select the .zip file you downloaded from the add-on page
  • Activate the plugin after uploading


Once the add-on is installed and activated, you’ll have a new field when adding or editing a task (on the front end or back-end) with the option to assign one or more users to a course.

Updated on September 29, 2021

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