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E-Mail Notifications Don’t Arrive

There are a few common issues with e-mail notifications.

Notification Settings

The first is failing to configure the default from name and e-mail address, which often causes the e-mails to be rejected from mail servers.

Host / WordPress Conflicts

The second most common issue is a problem with the email system on WordPress itself. Try logging out of WordPress, navigating to http://www.yourdomain.com/login and clicking the “reset password” link. Enter your username or e-mail. If you receive the password reset e-mail you know the system is working, if not then there is an issue with the WordPress e-mail system itself.

In this case it’s an issue with WordPress not Panorama. You’ll need to contact your website host and have them investigate. They’ll be able to look into the email logs and see why the emails are not going out. They should be able to quickly correct the problem


Sometimes the contents of notifications can cause e-mail notifications to end up in a spam folder. Make sure to check spam folders to see if the e-mails are getting delivered, but are not being seeing because of this.

Updated on April 8, 2017

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