Panorama supports the uploading and attachment of documents to projects. Documents have the following attributes:

  • Title
  • Description ( 1 – 2 lines )
  • Status
  • File / Link

Status indicates if the document has been approved, is in review, is being revised or has been rejected. This allows you and your clients to work through document revisions until an approval is made. When switching the document status, users have the option of sending an notification to any or all of the users on the project.

Documents can either be uploaded directly to WordPress or you can provide an external link to a document (or folder.) If you’d like to use Dropbox, Google Drive, etc… you can use the external link option and either link to a single file or the folder itself. This is a good way to manage projects with a large amount of assets that don’t necessarily need to be listed individually on the project page.

If you have uploaded a file and specified a URL, the uploaded file will take priority and the link URL will not be used.

If you’ve installed the front end uploader add-on (free), then anyone with access to the project can upload a new document. Upon uploading, the user will have the option of sending a notification to any or all of the users on the project.


If you’re having trouble with notifications being sent or received, please see this article on setting up and managing notifications.

If clicking on uploaded files results in a “page not found” error, try going to Projects > Settings > Advanced and check “Turn off file link obfuscation.”




Updated on April 8, 2017

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