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Calendar and Dates

Panorama includes a calendar that compiles all the important dates across all projects a given user has access to. Meaning if a user is a subscriber or project owner, they will only see the dates related to projects they’ve been assigned. Project managers and administrators will see all the dates across all projects.

A small version of the calendar is visible after logging into the Panorama dashboard and a larger version is accessible by clicking on the “calendar” tab of the dashboard.

There is an iCal feed at the bottom of every calendar which will allow users to import their important dates into different calendar programs like Mac Calendar, Outlook or Google Calendars.


You can change the language of the calendar by going to Projects > Settings > Appearance > Calendar.

Dates for tasks, projects etc… are automatically output through PHP code. If you have English months in your dates and want to change this, you’ll need to change the language of your server environment or go to Settings > General and switch your date format to one that doesn’t spell out the date.



Updated on May 8, 2017

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