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BuddyPress / BuddyBoss

The Project Panorama BuddyPress / BuddyBoss integration allows you to assign projects to groups, giving users within the group the ability to see and manage group projects based on their respective permissions.

Assigning Projects to Groups

The first step is to create or assign an existing project to your group. This is done by editing the project and selecting the appropriate groups in the permissions settings of the project.

Here is an example of adding groups through the WordPress admin
Here is an example of adding groups through the front end editor

BuddyPress Group Projects

Users who visit a BuddyPress group they are a member of will see a “Group Projects” tab (note: The user must be a member of the group to see this tab.)

Within the tab the group projects will be listed. Users who have permission to create projects will also have a “New Project” button on this interface as well.

Updated on September 7, 2021

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