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Basic Appearance

You can customize the appearance of Panorama in several ways to ensure it fits the branding of your company.

Basic Appearance Configuration

We recommend you start by uploading your logo, favicon and changing the panorama “slug.” This is done by going to Projects > Settings

Changing the Panorama “Slug”

By default, user dashboards will be located at http://www.domain.com/panorama and projects at http://www.domain.com/panorama/project-name. the /panorama/ in these web addresses is the “slug.” You can change this to any word you’d like, for example “dashboard” or “projects.”

There are some limitations, you can’t have any spaces, punctuation (except dashes) or have a slug that’s already in use. For example, if you have a page called “projects” that is already located at domain.com/projects/ then you can’t use it again for your Panorama slug.

If you’d like to use multiple words, dashes work great, client-projects for example.

Uploading your logo and favicon

You can upload your logo and favicon by going to Projects > Settings > General

There are two upload buttons, one for each respectively. Clicking on them will open the WordPress file uploader where you can select from a previously uploaded image or upload a new image. We recommend limiting the size of the logo to no wider or taller than 250 pixels. It’s best of the logo has a transparent background as well.

The favicon is the little icon that appears at the top of your browser tab. If you have a favicon you use on your website you can upload it here so it’s used within the Panorama pages.

Customizing Colors

We have included color pickers for most of the colors within Panorama. Simply navigate to Projects > Settings > Appearance and then click through “Header,” “Body,” and “Phases” to customize the colors of each section.



Updated on April 8, 2017

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